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TMJ Designs... my story

My name is Terry Jordan and I am a furniture maker. The term furniture maker really doesn’t begin to offer you an insight into my vision of furniture and the passion I have for creating not only genuine pieces, but to do so using an ancient technique forgotten by far too many modern furniture makers.

In my heart I believe that furniture should take pride and place, the right piece can bring a room to life and be the focal point to endless conversations. I would like to bring a warmth and understanding of culture, tradition and history to the homes of art and furniture lovers by crafting furniture made traditionally (authentically) for thousands of years called Marquetry.


Evidence was found of a marquetry/inlay in the form of a remarkable casket from the city or UR, in Mesopotamia 2600 BC. Marquetry was traditionally used by the Ancient Egyptians with pieces found in the tomb of Tutankhamen when opened in November 1922. Marquetry is a skill that was in decline, re-emerging in the European renaissance where the use of contrasting veneers in the form of Intarsia Inlays. This technique was originally centred in the Italian City of Sienna in the 11th century and used to decorate church furniture and panels. Homer was the first, in 700 BC, to describe the ornamentation of furniture with prized materials. In book 23 of the Odyssey, Ulysses he tells Penelope of the bridal bed that he made.

I still use the traditional papyrus paper  that dates back to 3000 BCE in Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome.

I craft my designs from authentic materiel, supporting a tradition that stems from the heart or Egypt.

Simple marquetry uses two sheets of veneer, I use the multi sheet technique for a beautified and smooth outcome.

The finished product is a warm and enchanting piece of craftsmanship that only in physical presence can it be felt.

Because of its style, class and stature, Marquetry became popular amongst Romans and to date

the Italian town of Sorrento is still the centre of a thriving marquetry industry.

Egypt to me remains the home and founding nation of marquetry, a place whose magic and mysteries have engulfed the modern world,  since what seems the dawn of time, Egypt has reached out across the globe to entice mankind to experience its delights, wonders and natural wealth.

By creating furniture that is educational, inspiring and enchanting. I aim to offer a little bit of Egypt and its age old tradition to the world, with furniture that may bring its own little bit of magic and mystery to your home.

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